Locally Made Biodiesel!

high quality biodiesel is produced and tested in our Hillsboro facility
high quality biodiesel is produced and tested in our Hillsboro facility
The U.S. biodiesel industry is growing and we have just launched a new production facility located in the Portland area. Our top-quality biodiesel can be used in qualifying off-road equipment and can save you up to $0.46 per gallon in road taxes. What is “qualifying equipment?” Anything that uses diesel ‘off-road’ such as landscaping vehicles, excavating equipment, generators, and farm equipment. If it has a diesel motor and doesn’t go on the road, we can save you some money by fueling it with a higher quality, locally made biodiesel fuel.

Our biodiesel is good for your business model and sustainability practices. Many farms, construction companies, landscapers, and other business find that using clean, renewable, local fuel fits with their philosophy and gives them an extra selling point with their customers.

Our biodiesel is good for your health. If you’re driving a tractor or operating a backhoe for long hours, it really matters what’s in the fumes that you breathe. Biodiesel burns far cleaner than petroleum-based fuel, with substantially less toxic emissions—so you and your staff can breathe cleaner, healthier air.

Our biodiesel is good for our local economy. Like you, Distributed BioSystems is a local business that’s helping to grow the local economy. When you buy your fuel from us, you keep your hard-earned money circulating in our community.

Our biodiesel is good for your equipment. Biodiesel has a much higher lubricity than standard diesel fuel, which reduces wear and tear on your engine components and increases the life of your  equipment.

Lets make our biodiesel your biodiesel!


We offer fixed price contracts below current market prices and convenient bulk fuel delivery service. We’re happy to talk with you about any questions. As a local company, we appreciate our customers and we offer exceptional, one-on-one customer service. Feel free to follow up with a phone call or email and we can discuss details regarding how we may create mutually beneficial opportunities.

Dennis Steele (503) 953-6267 dennis.steele.pdx@gmail.com

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