Algae Feedstock

There has already been a lot of scholarly research on the subject of Algae feedstocks used for biodiesel… For example, one study published by Dmitrov conducted an examination of the GreenFuels photobioreactor and estimated that algae oil would only be competitive at an oil price of $800 per barrel. Another study by Alabi at al. examined raceways, photobioreactors and anaerobic fermenters to make biofuels from algae and found that current systems are too expensive. The group found that capital cost, labor cost and operational costs by themselves are too high for algae biofuels to be cost-competitive with conventional fuels. Similar results were found by others suggesting algae fuels may not currently be capable of being economically viable.

Fortunately, we can demonstrate that these types of “expert” results are not entirely correct. Distributed Biosystems Incorporated has developed a novel approach to the expensive technical challenges and energy intensive steps in converting algae biomass into fuel. Distributed Biosystems’s business plan describes significant process improvements, a demonstration of the technology at a community-scale project, and outlines a rewarding pathway to scalability.

To summarize the solution developed by Distributed Biosystems Incorporated:

In theory, the conversion of algae biomass into fuel holds great potential. However, in practice, there are still many challenges to making it efficient and cost effective. Distributed Biosystems Incorporated has discovered a way to actually put this great potential into practice. Although Distributed Biosystems is an early stage company, it has already mitigated many of the associated risks and is ready to prove that there is profound opportunity in community-scale algae-based biodiesel, with the potential to quickly expand under the right conditions.


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